2008 United Nations Show- USA
HELENA ALVES DE ALMEIDA was born in Brazil where she got her BFA in Fine Arts and has developed as an artist: more than 3000 paintings sold, commission on 2 churches (stained glass windows and facade),has taught in university, art work on permanent exhibition at the Supreme Court in Brazil. Became an American citizen in 1999 and started growing in another direction: She is a Reiki Master and her art work reflects the purpose for healing. Today she is a painter member of Southampton Artist Association, East End Art Council, healing practitioner and Real Estate agent. Drip Painting is her last series using Jackson Pollock technique where she express in the language of the 4th & 5th dimension.


"Helena Alves dazzles with the possibilities of shapes and colors showing great interest in dominate these two major elements of painting.
In this way she shows the outline of the human groups that give a support for her drawing.
Here, she works with blocks of pyramids shapes, that provide the strength for the painting.
At the same time, the aspect of movement reaching all the elements. Maybe this is the painter biggest strength".

Brasilia, 19 de Maio de 1985.
Joselia Costandrade.

"Helena's painting is connected to figurativism..... figures are always in continuing moves with endless action keeping the relationship among them. It gives an idea to be saying many things to the world."

Correio Brasiliense
Brasilia, 18 de dezembro de 1984 ( page 23)


" Helena's strokes are marked by a deep social preocupation."

The Brasilians
New York, U.S.A.

"Helena Alves has a such special way to express feelings on her paintings.
Her work is so lively because of the bright colors that enhance her paintings.
Her topics are directly connected to energy and it expresses the women's issues.
It has a very unique style".

Paula Santos
Belo Horizonte, Brazil - 1984.

"The Colors
of Emotions



Helena Alves . (631)235-3270 . helenaalves@optonline.net . PO Box 1344, Southampton, NY 11969